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Lumps and bumps are a common issue that our pets develop as they age. A vast majority of the lumps that develop on our cats and dogs are benign and have little to no effect on their overall health. However, some lumps or masses can be more serious.

In order to determine which lumps are benign and with which we should be concerned, veterinarians and physicians alike will sometimes use a biopsy to determine the course of action to take for an abnormal lesion of tissue. Most biopsy samples can be taken using local anesthesia to numb the area sufficiently to attain a small sample of tissue for submission to a laboratory for identification. Sometimes a sample can be taken with just a needle to submit a smaller sample for what is known as “cytology” to determine a course of treatment. Hisopathology, the determination of the type of tissue submitted, is done by a specialty laboratory by a board certified veterinary pathologist. Histopathology is also important after a mass is removed to ensure that all of the abnormal tissue has been removed during the surgery and or to determine if additional treatment will be needed in the future.

Not every mass needs to be submitted for histopatholgy. An experienced veterinarian can usually determine which lumps and bumps are likely to be more problematic than others. It is always best to have any new lumps checked out by your veterinarian as soon as you notice them. Don’t wait! Catching things early and dealing with them while they are small may save your pet’s life.

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