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Rabies Vaccinations

Vaccinations, sometimes called immunizations, inoculations or simply, vaccines, are imperative to your pet’s overall health. Vaccines stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against diseases many of which can cause serious illness or death if contracted. Vaccines save lives, period.  However, not every pet requires every vaccine.  A vaccine protocol tailored to meet the realistic risks of your pet for each inoculable disease is made with every individual. 

The most common vaccine given to your dog or cat is the rabies vaccine to prevent rabies. The rabies vaccine expires one year after the first vaccine is given and expires 3 years after each subsequent vaccine is given. Due to this, we require previous vaccine history in order to document the rabies vaccine as a 3-year vaccine. This is standard vaccine protocol, the vaccination itself is the same vaccine for each pet regardless of size or age.

Maricopa County Rabies License A certificate is provided when your dog receives a rabies vaccine at QCAH in order to register for a license with Maricopa County.

From Maricopa County’s website:  In Maricopa County, all dogs three months of age and older are required to have a license and rabies vaccination. If your licensed dog is picked up by one of our Animal Control Officers, we will make every attempt to bring your dog home to you immediately ‑ and save you (and your dog) a trip to the shelter. Cats do not need to be licensed.  

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