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Fleas and ticks are more common than you may think in Arizona. Ticks are not only gross, but can also lead to Ehrlichea, tick fever, and Lyme disease. We recommend Credelio to prevent fleas and ticks from latching onto your pets and bringing these pesky insects into your home. Credelio is a chewable, monthly treatment to help prevent and control fleas & ticks. Find out more about Credelio here:

With over 200 species in North America1, fleas hold the title for the most common ectoparasite today. Reddish brown in color and totally wingless, these insects are impressive jumpers, boasting a 5-inch vertical leap that makes it easy for them to hop onto your unsuspecting dog.Ticks, on the other hand, don’t jump. They’re classified as arachnids and more closely resemble a spider in appearance and behavior.3 Instead of jumping onto your dog, they reach out and latch on when your dog brushes up against them. (source: 



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